Selected Projects

Herotic – Custom Typography
Herotic is a skateboarding collective based in Oslo, Norway. We worked on custom typography and a wordmark for their collective. This project was a collaboration with American illustrator Derek Ercolano, who created an aquatic character for their new collection.
Neonomics – Visual Identity
Neonomics is a financial technology company that specializes in open banking. The company is headquartered in Oslo, Norway. We designed their new visual identity, wordmark, and custom typography at studio Bielke&Yang.
Andøya Space – Visual Identity
Andøya Space is a Norwegian aerospace company located in the northern part of Norway. Their attitude supports scientists, engineers, students and government agencies by providing the means for flight, launch, testing, research and education. We designed custom typography and their new identity, which was shortlisted in the ADC Awards 2021. Project was created at Bold Scandinavia.
TV 2 Television – Typography
TV 2 is the largest Norwegian television. It broadcasts live sports, news and entertainment, including films and series, through both linear and streaming services. Television has undergone a redesign, including a new visual identity and a custom typeface created at Bold Scandinavia. TV idents were created by CATK Berlin. The project won a Silver Cube at the 2022 ADC Awards.
Superfunland – Lettering
The entrance signage for the exhibition at the Museum of Sex in New York was designed with inspiration from the history of Coney Island, particularly from carnival and 19th-century posters. The typography is bold, playful, and modern, and was created in collaboration with the collective and studio Lovers, based in London and New York.
Kafeteria August – Visual Identity
Kafeteria August is a restaurant and wine bar founded by Danish chef Esben Holmboe Bang and the Maaemo team in Oslo, Norway. The visual identity features a playful and bold design, including a custom organic wordmark and energetic illustrations by French illustrator Célestin Krier. The design was created at studio Bielke&Yang.
Prague Philharmonia – Typography
The visual identity and typeface for the Prague Philharmonic orchestra have been designed to create a more artistic, playful, and emotional concept that reflects the orchestra's freshness and dignity. The project involved collaboration with graphic designer Kateřina Šuterová.
Utopian – Typeface
The Utopian typeface is a display typeface inspired by the postmodern and brutalist architecture of Les Espaces d'Abraxas, located in Noisy-le-Grand, Paris, France. I began working on this typeface during my internship in Paris in 2017. Available upon request.
Pauline Hagan – Visual Identity
Pauline Hagan is a British-French multidisciplinary designer. She creates ceramics, jewellery, and kinetic objects with a distinct style that highlights the beauty of each piece. The visual identity respects this and leaves a significant space for photographs. The indentity is complemented by a sandy colour palette, a clean typography, and custom wordmark. Collaboration with Kateřina Šuterová.
Ofform – Typeface
The typeface shapes are inspired by fabric folds and have a futuristic feel. The bespoke lettering has been transformed into a solid family with regular and italic styles. The project was a collaboration with Creative Nights & Displaay type foundry. The typeface is available for purchase online at Displaay.
Œ Magazine – Typography
Πis an independent fashion magazine based in Berlin that serves as a platform for the German fashion scene, with a particular focus on Berlin. The 9th issue of the Πmagazine features the Πtypeface and Kryptone. We designed special OpenType features with curvy and elegant construction. The project is a collaboration with editorial designer Lisa Borges.
The Œ typeface is a display font family with a curvy and elegant construction, featuring high contrast and available in three different weights. It was originally designed as a display font for the fashion project. Available upon request. 
FS Meridian – Typeface & Specimen
The typeface family consists of six styles. Its rounded forms extend and veer based on geometry, resulting in unexpected humanistic shapes, while the straight terminals remain rigid. The combination of forms creates a pleasingly dynamic rhythm in this sans-serif font. Typeface was developed in collaboration with Fontsmith studio in London.
OPX – Typeface & Visual Identity
OPX Typeface balances form and function effectively in digital environments. The custom typeface draws inspiration from modernism, utilizing the purest geometric forms of its three OpenType features. It was designed for the new OPX studio's identity, London-based studio. Collaboration with the Creative Director David Bennett, curator of Visuelle.

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